Shoe Care Kit | Wearable Shoe Trees. Unique shoe care

This unique Shoe Care Kit by Wearable Shoe Trees restores leather and prevents creases in dress shoes and all others shoes on the market. Shoe trees designed to work while you wear them. They are perfect shoe care and toe box protectors. Put them in your shoe to stretch them out if your shoe is too small. Or if your shoe is a bit big, or purchase them a 1/2 size larger, and your shoe will maintain a perfect shape indefinitely.

This is The Universal – our softer model, designed to fit all types of shoes.

Never before has a shoe stretcher and decreaser like this been available. Our design is patented and these shoe trees are fully customizable.

Try the unique shoe care pair today. We guarantee you will be happy with our wearable shoe tree’s ability to maintain the shape of your shoe and keep it looking brand new.


Shoe Tree, Shoe decreaser, and orthotic inserts all in one.

Plastic shoe orthotic inserts that is wearable, customizable and will double the life of shoes, is patented and one of a kind. Decreaser for shoes and wearable shoe trees designed for Air Force Ones and every classic shoe on the market. Perfect for shoe enthusiasts and collectors abroad.

This is The Universal – our softer model, designed to fit all types of shoes.

Revolutionary Diabetic Orthotic Inserts for shoes. Prevents Neuropathy

This revolutionary plastic inserts, called The Protector, can take the place of the traditional cedar shoe tree. More versatile and functional than the cedar shoe tree, the wearable shoe inserts will extend the life of your shoes.

This is The Universal – our softer model, designed to fit all types of shoes.

Our revolutionary diabetic shoe orthotic inserts can help prevent Neuropathy and amputations under a doctors supervision and proper customization. It’s possible it can help prevent neuropathy amputations by allowing the foot to have no pressure on it from the toe box. Wearable Shoe Inserts prevent shoe toe creasing and extend the life of shoes. Also known as a shoe stretcher or diabetic orthotic they are unique and for everyone.

Shoe Trees | Wearable Shoe Trees. Keep your shoes looking good

Revolutionary Wearable Shoe Tree replaces the cedar shoe tree. A unique invention that saves money and leather. Shoe trees for all types of shoes. Wearable Shoe Trees patented a plastic shoe tree that has rapidly become the standard for preserving shoes, extending their lives and keeping them looking good and new.

Shoe Decreaser | Sneaker crease preventer

The best shoe decreaser on the market, appropriate for all types of shoes. Use our shoe decreaser to keep your sneakers looking fresh and new.

This is The Protector. The Protector is our stiffer model and is designed specifically for Nike Air Force One style shoes.

Our shoe decreaser will prevent creases in all name popular brand shoes, including 23isback for shoes, authentic air jordans, air retro shoes, nike air force 1, boots, dress shoes and every other women’s shoes and men’s shoes on the market. They will also restore old creased shoes back to life. Perfect for shoe heads. Put them in your shoe to stretch them out if your shoe is too small. Or if your shoe is a bit big, or purchase them a 1/2 size larger, and your sneaker will maintain a perfect shape indefinitely.

Colors available: black, white, blue, red, pink, purple, green

VERY IMPORTANT: Please include your size and color requested when ordering.

It is easy to see after a “150 Wears” comparison, how well the Wearable Shoe Tree holds up. We put our Wearable Shoe Tree in the left shoe and kept the right shoe empty, then tested them on the streets of New York City. Roughly 3 months later, the sneaker without the Wearable Shoe Tree all but fell apart. Meanwhile, the sneaker with the Wearable Shoe Tree was crease free and kept its’ shape perfectly!

Sneaker Restoration | Restore your Sneakers

Caring of shoes is not only important to make them look good but is also vital in enhancing their durability or longevity. Irrelevant of your budget for shoes, taking care of your leather shoes makes sense. In the case of designer, or more expensive shoes, give it a thought of protecting your investment, or what could be a future collectible.

There are important distinctions between caring for smooth leather shoes or to care for suede, exotic skins, nubuck, or athletic shoes. Without proper conditioning and care, leather can dry out until it eventually cracks and falls apart, and you’ll no longer want to wear them out of the house – even if they did cost you heavy. While some people would want to throw on a coat of shoe polish when their shoes start to look shabby, to really protect leather shoes and keep them looking their best, there are four steps to follow.

  • Cleaning
  • Conditioning
  • Polishing
  • Preserving or Weatherproofing

Wearable shoe trees | Shoe Trees for Sneakers

The Wearable Shoe Tree is a shoe insert that has a twofold function to work while in your closet, or on your feet. Its patented design helps retain the toe-box of your shoes looking nice and crisp just as a brand new one and will maintain their “brand new” look for years to come with our wearable shoe tree, a Decreaser by design, the Wearable Shoe Tree was created for shoe enthusiasts and shoe collectors in mind. Air Force 1’s are sneakers purchased by both and all know how bad they crease up. The days of stuffing worthless scumbags in your shoes and buying them too small are over.

As of today the Wearable Shoe Tree has grown into a household necessity for thousands of satisfied customers around the world. The Wearable Shoe Tree allows you the comfort and ease of utilizing your investment to the fullest. For everyday use go with the shoe trees. For the artists and customizers this product works wonders. When a Wearable Shoe Tree is in your shoe it reinforces the toe-box. Giving the artist a hard canvas to work on. For this either model will comply with the job. For enthusiasts and collectors we recommend The Protector.

Shoe Trees | Protect your Sneakers

The wearable shoe trees assures that your investing on shoes doesn’t go in vain by exerting the build of the shoes for a more hypermetropic time period, that is to increase the durability. Since we all know that in today’s market advantageous caliber shoes do come expensive, therefore by employing shoe tress from the very beginning one can hold back the alignment, console and aspect of the favorite shoes.

By embellishing a favorably formed shoe you will be able to acquire the trust and ease which will by all odds ruminate in your personality and day to day life. Shoe trees are compatible with whatsoever denounced shoes specified NIKE, ADDIDAS, AIRJORDAN, and so forth to allude a couple of.

Caring for Shoes and Sneakers

Shoe protection is important to enhance shoe life. Letting shoes dry for several hours before putting them in the dank positions your closet. Clean the insides. This deals with the issue of odor. Wipe them up with alcohol or a drop of tea tree oil, an antifungal agent. It is to be kept in mind that splashing can be the reason for staining the leather. Adding taps and half-soles of rubber to the bottoms these costs around $20 and the reinforcements will increase the durability to the life of your shoes. Alternate pairs also have a vital role to plat in shoe longevity. It gives time to your shoes to have time to breathe between wearings. Spraying new shoes with a waterproof protector helps the surface from getting marred if they do get drenched in the rain.

Polishing leather is important. The salt in sweat dries out leather over use; polishing regularly keeps it soft and shiny. Plastic trees are also of the same value for your other shoes. Shoe trees are available at shoe stores, shoe-repair shops. Wearing hose or sock liners can do the needful. This prevents accumulation of moisture, which damages insoles. Using shoe trees help retain the shoe’s shape. Cedar forms can be used for the pair worn that day to absorb moisture.

Shoe Inserts | Prevent Creases | Wearable Shoe Tree Inserts

Shoe inserts mainly help in cases of overuse injuries, or have foot, knee or back pain or instability, you may benefit from one. Shoe inserts, insoles and orthotics can help in aiding a variety of foot biomechanical problems including pronation, and supination while they enhances stability and furnishes heel suspension.

Superfeet Performance Insoles are a top selling sports shoe insert for a variety of conditions. They are customized to hold the heel in correct alignment and therefore reduce strain on knees, ankles, hips and lower back. They help reduce pronation and increase arch support. Unlike their price, they are very sturdy and are a perfect runner’s choice.

Shoe Protector | Best Shoe Trees | Protect your Shoes

The shoe protector is the tougher model of shoe trees. The Protector is designed more as a customary Shoe Tree, but can still be worn. It has been designed for collectors and sneaker enthusiasts that have quite a few pairs of sneakers or shoes in their wardrobe for special occasions.

For valuable footwear, the shoe Protector completely pauses the condition of your shoes right where they are. In case of brand new ones, they stay completely crease free, one the other hand if they get a little worn out, they will remain at their latest condition and not get any worse. The Protector is designed to keep your sneakers in best shape when you go out to special events, nightclubs, parties, shows,etc.

Shoe Trees | Best Shoe Trees for Sneakers

Shoe trees are devices resembling the shape of a foot that is placed inside a shoe. This is a support to the shoe to preserve its shape, and prevent it from creases and thereby extending the shoe’s durability. Higher quality shoe trees are made from solid wood, like cedar which aids in controlling odor and moisture. In case of wooden shoe trees often two or three pieces of solid wood with a solid metal stem is inserted between the heel piece and the single or double toe piece/s which have a spring action so the trees fit more compactly into the shoes.

Shoe trees may also be made of plastic, coiled metal spring stem is sometimes used; there are handles or brass knobs at the heel piece in order to grasp and pull out the trees from the shoe while removing them. While plastic shoe trees are generally made of a number of pieces, there are also single pieces of plastic that are wearable. These are typically cheaper and lighter.