The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 Dropped Again

If you’re reading this, it’s too late. Nike’s been on track developing new technology for years, but self lacing has eluded brands for some time now. With nothing hitting retail shelves just yet, the Swoosh aims to inch closer to that reality with one of their recent concoctions; The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0. A shoe that sports the same technology as the Nike Air Mag is something sure to be sought after, but who would’ve thought the reception would be this good. Seeing as they’re fetching well over a few thousand on second hand markets, there’s no surprise people are after them.


Dropping in at a whopping $720, this certainly climbs the ladder and gets pretty high in terms of expensive athletic footwear. But is all the hype really worth the price tag? For those looking to just rock the shoe during casual wear, this is a hefty retail price for something that resembles that of many popular models currently available. Though what is different is the feeling when your heel hits the insole, and the shoe begins tightening itself. As it should, the sneaker conforms around your foot, and holds it snug, while exterior lighting accents the overall design, tying everything into place.


Nonetheless, they’ve sold out and will continue to sell out, as Nike’s coveted events across the U.S. have filled up in seconds via the Nike+ app. For that same $720, you get 15 minutes with a Nike expert to show you all that the HyperAdapt has to offer, with the opportunity to purchase them at the end of your session.Currently, the shoe’s been dropping in only one colorway, but a white/silver one will emerge during the week, after initial appointments have been concluded, and collectors and resellers get their hands on a pair.


Nike dropped a select few access codes during the day today as well, allowing a select number of reseller- erm, collectors to purchase the shoe via the Nike+ app. Those who got through were quick to boast about their purchase, while others offered upward of $1,300 for a code to snag the kicks.
As more information becomes available, keep it locked to the Sneaker Shields blog where we’ll keep you in the loop and up to date on each hyped drop as it happens. With the holiday season right around the corner as well, it might be time to think of a way to keep your kicks fresh this season — might we interest you in a set of Sneaker Shields?. Check out the different products we offer for the all types of kicks here and see which best suits your needs.