Air Jordan XVI Retro Midnight Navy Eclipses 2016

The Air Jordan XVI Retro Midnight Navy returns 15 years later in its original colorway to close out 2016. From the court to the boardroom, the Air Jordan XVI Retro Midnight Navy sends one message: “suit yourself” (

Air Jordan XVI Retro
Air Jordan XVI Retro / Image, permission from Nike



Air Jordan XVI Retro Midnight Navy

Release Date: December 22, 2016

Retail: $250.00 at select Jordan retailers and at

Color: Midnight Navy

Features: Optional shroud; Combination Zoom Air and Nike Air cushioning


Word: Ray Allen Reminisces

Air Jordan XVI Retro
Ray Allen’s Miami AJ XVI PEs / Image, permission from Nike

NBA favorite and likely future Hall of Famer, Ray Allen, gets sentimental when talking about the Air Jordan XVI. Allen announced his retirement in November after 18 seasons in the NBA, and sat down with Nike News to reminisce. He’s an all-star in every definition of the word as a 2000 Olympic Gold medalist, star of Spike Lee’s He Got Game (1998), and all-time leader in 3-point field goal attempts.


“With XVI, I just remember exactly where I was, and all these memories flood back from the games I played in, to the players that I played with—that whole era.” – Ray Allen, Nike News


Ray Allen wore not one, but two exclusive models of it on the court. Now 15 years later, Allen tells Nike News that his green Air Jordan XVI’s were a world-rocking hit on Christmas back in the day. Perhaps Allen will ring in the new year with Midnight Navy, as he reflects on two decades of an incredible career in college ball and with the NBA .


All-Access: Stripping Down the Air Jordan XVI Retro

The unique removable shroud sets the Air Jordan XVI apart from other Jordans. Whether it’s business or ball, the Air Jordan XVI Retro is always in play. On the court, the shroud is removed to rock a sporty and sleek Jordan mesh upper. Off the court, however, is a different story; the shroud serves as the evening jacket to a dressed-up version of the sneaker. One way or another, the Air Jordan XVI Retro makes an impression on all ballers, both on the court and in the boardroom.

Air Jordan XVI Retro
Air Jordan XVI Retro Midnight Navy / Image, permission from Nike


Excels from the Court to the Boardroom

Wilson Smith, Nike’s Senior Footwear Designer, designed the Air Jordan XVI Retro with work and play in mind. Michael Jordan is as much a businessman as he is a ballplayer. In light of Jordan’s dynamic nature, Smith focused on balancing both aspects of Jordan’s career.

“We were inspired by the fact that MJ was retiring for the second time and thought that he was going from the basketball court to the boardroom.” – Wilson Smith, Nike News


Dynamic dualism drives the Air Jordan XVI Retro. Smith sums up the Air Jordan XVI Retro look by calling it a “home and away” sneaker. From the two-tone colorway to the two-look feature, Jordan fans risk breaking necks with a double take. Sure the removable shroud is the most iconic feature of the innovative model, but is that what really drives the dynamic look?


While the removable shroud seems like the main feature of functional fashion, it’s the toe box that really steps up. The midnight navy shiny patent is the first part of the sneaker the wearer presents, shroud or no shroud. A patent finish has long been associated with formal footwear, and in the same way, it transforms the Air Jordan XVI Retro. The patent toe box introduces the rest of the sneaker, and shows that this Jordan puts its best foot forward.

Air Jordan XVI Retro
Air Jordan XVI Retro / Image, permission from Nike

Power Points on Texture

The Air Jordan XVI Retro is a texture-lover’s dream. What Wilson Smith aimed to achieve by combining textures was simple: to show that neither a man nor a career could truly be defined by one thing. Art imitates life, and Smith’s design illustrates how man frequently reinvents himself.

Air Jordan XVI Retro
Air Jordan XVI Retro / Image, permission from Nike

The patent toe box combines with the leather and mesh upper to create a modern, multi-dimensional look. Even the two-tone shroud dons a mixture of textures, so it only adds another layer of elite style. As for the sole itself, there’s a solid combination of traction and smooth rubber grips.

Even the Jumpman logo presents in more than one way, from stark white stitching on the upper, to a bubble hologram inset on the corner of the shroud. There’s also a transparent rubber Jumpman peeking from the heel tab. As if that’s not enough ways to see Jumpman, check out the lateral mid sole for “JUMPMAN” spelled out in a modern, computerized font. Who knew Jumpman could take this many forms? One person knew, of course, and that’s Wilson Smith.

Air Jordan XVI Retro
Air Jordan XVI Retro / Image, permission from Nike


Jump on It

Jordan fans are sure to jump on the Air Jordan XVI Retro Midnight Navy on December 22. Suit up with your Midnight Navy’s by shopping at select Jordan retail stores and at Did you manage to score a pair? Tweet us at @sneakershields with a picture!


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