Camo Green Puts Nike Dunk Low SB Pro in Plain Sight

The Nike Dunk Low SB Pro Camo Green might try to be incognito, but it just shows that Nike puts fashion in plain sight– and we’re not complaining. Camo Green kicks off 2017 with a nod to the military fashion trend with a casual vibe. At a slim $90 for this low-top, you can satisfy your craving for new kicks even if your wallet is still reeling from the holidays.

Nike Dunk Low SB Pro Camo Green
Image/permission by Nike


Nike Dunk Low SB Pro Camo Green

Release Date: January 5, 2017

Retail: $90

Color: White/Camo Green

Features: Nike Air unit; Classic white leather upper; Black contrast out sole


Camo Green: A High-Profile Low Top

Nike has one objective in 2017, and that is to maintain its number one spot in the sneaker world. The Dunk Low SB Pro is a low top sneaker that is high profile with its sleek, smooth look. Camo Green takes the classic silhouette to a new, edgier level.

Nike proves that its sneakers don’t have to be high tops to make a big impression, and with Camo Green, Nike makes a major statement. While the Nike Launch page for the sneaker touts the camo pattern as “classic,” it’s actually what makes this low top an unconventional, high-fashion sneaker. It’s certainly the boldest take on the Dunk Low SB Pro since its initial release over 10 years ago.

Nike Dunk Low SB Pro Camo Green
Image/permission by Nike

Down to Earth Tones

Camo Green might be the ultimate edgy kick-off to the new year, but part of the splendor of the sneaker is its neutrality. Earth tones extend the fashion shelf life of almost any piece of clothing, and the same is true for Camo Green as a sneaker. Of course the purpose of camo is to blend in, but not on the street in this case.

Camo Green aims to be a highly-anticipated “neutral universal” in any wardrobe or season. It aligns itself with the celebrated neutrals of Winter 2016 with olive undertones as its base color. It also stays on track with Pantone’s Spring 2017 Colors, whose hues include two camo-inspired greens. So whether you’re back to basics in your wardrobe, or want to experiment with earth tones, Camo Green is a sure bet this week.

Nike Dunk Low SB Pro Camo Green
Image/permission by Nike

Performance or Fashion?

One thing remains true with the military fashion trend: you can’t tire out fatigues. Whether it’s on the battlefield or in the concrete jungle, the camo color scheme is one of the most iconic American looks of the 20th and 21st centuries. It’s no covert mission, and certainly no surprise, that Nike is the ultimate agent of fashion. So that begs the question, is the Camo Green Dunk Low SB Pro a performance, or a fashion sneaker?

It’s safe to say that the Camo Green Dunk Low SB Pro is a little bit of both. We’ve covered the fashion, but what about the performance aspects of it?

Nike Dunk Low SB Pro Camo Green
Image/permission by Nike

The Nike SB line was originally created for skateboarding in the early 2000’s, but its design elements go beyond a single sport. The sole of the Dunk Low SB Pro rocks a pivot circle located at the ball of the foot.

It might sound like, and even look like, a very basic feature, but it’s quite the opposite. In the sneaker market, very few major brands have soles featuring similar technology. Even fewer can execute it as well as Nike does. Nike even balances its gliding pivot point with backseat traction toward the heel. That’s the kind of balance that puts the wearer in the driver’s seat, and why Nike’s customer-first attitude continues to be a true credit to its brand. nike-dunk-low-sb-pro-6


Jump On It

For the Nike loyalist looking to get his (or her) fix this week, make sure to get your Nike Dunk Low SB Pro Camo Green on January 5. Clear your schedule starting at 10:00 a.m., because Camo Green is going to kick off with a bang at participating Nike retailers. Do you think the Camo Green Dunk Low SB Pro is for performance or fashion? Hit us up on Facebook and tell us what you think!




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