PG 1 Summer Pack Sizzles 2017

The PG 1 Summer Pack sizzles 2017 with the arts of versatility and performance. The cool colorway and easy feel of this PG 1 is pleases both on and off the court. So if you’re summer-bound, then a mere $110 for Summer Pack is a cool way to stay in the shoe game.

summer pack
Image & permission by Nike


PG 1 Summer Pack

Release Date: April 6, 2017

Retail: $110

Colors: Ivory/Oatmeal

Features: Breathable mesh; Forefoot Zoom air unit; Forefoot strap; Traction out sole


Summer Pack Sizzles

The PG 1 Summer Pack is heating up the spring. Say good-bye to the brash winter white of 2016 releases, and welcome this creamy, smooth shoe into your closet. With the laid-back look of an ivory and oatmeal colorway, Summer Pack tells you to take it easy while you wait for summer.

The suede Swoosh detail in oatmeal keeps the PG 1 classy and understated. Summer Pack rocks a “wear-ever, whenever” look, meaning it’s the go-to shoe while the temperature rises. With versatility like that, it’s going to be hard to resist this release.

Reptilian Vibes

The reptilian vibes of Summer Pack give the PG 1 design a fresh facelift for an ivory-on-ivory colorway. As the perfect compliment to a forefoot mesh, the sneaker puts itself in the running for its best design yet. The Floridian, reptile-inspired panel also beckons summer with a beachy, tiki bar vibe. The hot months are coming, and like most reptiles, Summer Pack is ready to bask in the sun.

Hot Performance Design

Summer Pack is a sure bet for the collectors, and it’s a must-have for basketball players, from offense to defense, according to Nike:

Now, every play matters., “PG 1 ‘Summer Pack'”

The out sole’s superior traction comes from its “mini-grip”  design. It provides the perfect foundation for the forefoot Zoom air unit, which cushions and carries the player around the court. The PG 1 design continues to rock the mesh forefoot, allowing air to penetrate during movement.

summer pack
Image & permission by Nike

Of course, with all that movement, the performance sneaker wouldn’t be complete without its forefoot strap, which adds to both fit and flare. The all-around comfort keeps players in the game, and opponents on their toes.

summer pack
Image & permission by Nike

Jump On It

With the summer about two months away, be sure to pick up PG 1 Summer Pack on April 6. Summer Pack will keep you optimistic through the spring, and on your shoe game throughout the summer. Check out the Nike Store Locator to find out where you can snag the hottest release of April.

summer pack
Image & permission by Nike

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