Flying Under the Radar: Air Jordan 32 Stealth


Air Jordan 32 is a bold shoe, and Jordan Brand takes it to a new level this week. The newest member of the Jordan family, Air Jordan 32 Stealth, dazzles with its monochromatic colorway with fine metallic detail. For only $185, you can own the sleekest pair on the street on April 7.

Image/permission by Nike


Air Jordan 32 Stealth

Release Date: April 7, 2018

Retail: $185.00

Colors: Black

Features: Covert colorway & metallic gold accents

Image/permission by Nike

Stealth Flies Under the Radar

Air Jordan 32 is especially secretive with this release. Stealth is the low-profile midtop with some high-flying reviews. The futuristic shoe saves the bold colors for another day, and instead focuses on highlighting its form and construction.

Image/permission by Nike

The transparent honeycomb outsole is one of the Air Jordan 32’s signature features. The superior grip design is consistent from toe to heel, allowing for evenly absorbed landings on the court. The only shock here– is shock and awe.

Covert Colorway

Stealth‘s covert colorway might be monochromatic, but the Air Jordan 32 textures pack the punch. It also throws back to some MJ history:

“MJ and his team started a tradition that turned into superstition: they wore all-black sneakers and black socks during the playoffs.”

The sneaky sneaker also takes on a variety of finishes, from smooth, to gritty, to downright rocky. All things considered, the single-color choice for Stealth was a slam dunk so Jordan Brand can fully display its most recent member of the family.

Image/permission by Nike

The rocky ankle wrap is a crowd-pleaser in Air Jordan 32, and continues to be a favorite feature of the shoe. The c-shaped wrap drops down the Achilles heel to meet the sole, and is “studded” by metallic gold accents.

Flecks of Light

Speaking of metallic gold accents, April’s black beauty manages to sneak in flecks of light throughout Stealth. Metallic gold detail also pops at the tongue, as well as at the Jumpman on the outside ankle.

Image/permission by Nike

The instep also sneaks in some shiny white thread detail beneath the black laces, taking on a reflective look. Stealth does light right, and from the looks of it, in all the right places.

Jump On It

If you’re planning on snagging a pair of Air Jordan 32 Stealth, then aim to zoom into a Jordan retailer near you on April 7.

Image/permission by Nike

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