Air Jordan III OG True Blue: White Hot on Black Friday

Air Jordan III OG True Blue / Image credit, permission by Nike


True Blue is the hottest Air Jordan release of the season arrives on Black Friday at and at retail locations nationwide. Even at $220, Jordan fans are keen to add this sharp signature throwback to their collections. The Air Jordan III OG True Blue is a reissue of 1988 original with the signature classic fire red tongue lining.  The Jordans of the Eighties are back with a vengeance, and True Blue is sure to dominate the holiday season as a must-have item.


True Blue is Old School, but with New Detail

Air Jordan III OG True Blue / Image credit, permission by Nike

This Air Jordan is going to be a conversation piece for any Jordan fan. That means braving the Black Friday crowds, and sometimes investing in a tent and cooler. Even with this Jordan rocking the old-school signature style, there are some updates. The red tongue is undoubtedly hot, especially as it stands out against the stark white and blue detail. The red detail carries over to the front of the tongue, so that it’s now visible head on. Jordan fans will remember the tongue was originally blue in the 1988 design. The 21st century is finally ready to welcome the shoe, all thanks to a small update that makes a big difference.


Elephant Print

Air Jordan III OG True Blue / Image credit, permission by Nike

The revolutionized reissue also celebrates the iconic black and gray elephant print, which debuted on 1988’s Air Jordan III.  True Blue is the rightful name of this Air Jordan III OG reissue. Color, integrity, and print location are kept all original to the 1988 design. The 1988 Air Jordan III True Blue was the only Air Jordan III to feature the elephant print on the side heel counter, toe cap, and upper. Both the White, Black, and Fire Red Air Jordan III’s of 1988 only featured the elephant print on the heel counter and toe cap.


A Reissue…again?

Black Friday doesn’t mark the first time that Nike reissues the Air Jordan III True Blue. Since 2000, the shoe has been re-released three times. These reissues featured the identical colorway of the 1988 original, with only minor changes to the elephant print contrast. It begs the question why Nike would reissue the same Air Jordan III True Blue approaching four times. Earlier this year, ESPN’s Adam Reisinger and sneaker expert Chad Jones sat down to rank Air Jordans through the years. The Air Jordan III design comes in at number two as the all-time greatest Jordan. While the Air Jordan III appeal obvious, one has to dig deeper for True Blue.

The Air Jordan III design is iconic in nature. The 1988 design debuted both the elephant print as well as the Jumpman logo. The nostalgic value of the True Blue colorway makes the design so successful as a retro and four-time reissue. Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan III Fire Red for the Chicago Bulls in 1988, but things changed in 2001. When the Washington Wizards welcomed Jordan in his second comeback, that meant new Jordan’s were on the court, too. The colorway was the perfect match for the new uniform, and the first reissue was a wild success.


A Star is Born

The Air Jordan III OG True Blue of 2016 clarifies the appeal and popularity. The True Blue was a bold design first in early Air Jordan history, but the red detail hearkens back to Michael Jordan’s sports history. The red tongue reminds us of the man who graced the 1984 cover of Sports Illustrated, who became a household name and international icon. The red on True Blue marries the Air Jordan line with its original muse, who is worth remembering to say the least. It’s not like anyone has much of a choice– just take a look at some of Michael Jordan’s World Records.air-jordan-iii-og-true-blue-3

Prepare for Black Friday

If you’re sold on getting the Air Jordan III OG True Blue, be aware of when they actually go on sale. says they will start selling on Black Friday, November 25 at 10:00 a.m. EST. If you happen to go to a store open on Thanksgiving Day, you’ll have to wait until Black Friday– so grab a chair and a sleeping bag. Good luck and stay warm.

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