Feel Big Air: Pumped for Air Max 270


It’s safe to say Nike’s theme for 2018 is big— feel big, be big, look big. It’s no surprise that it’s next release follows suit. Air Max 270 “Feel Big Air” takes on everything from the ground to the sky on February 2. For an airy $150, you can bounce all over this one without having your wallet weigh you down.

feel big air
Image/permission by Nike


Air Max 270 “Feel Big Air”

Release Date: February 2, 2018

Retail: $150.00

Features: Biggest heel bag to date; Smooth/minimalist panel detail

Colors: Black & Tonal Orange; Black & Hot Punch; Black & Photo Blue; Black & Volt

feel big air
Image/permission by Nike

Feel Big Air: Get Pumped

Feel Big Air kicks things off with the biggest heel bag ever released by Nike, which means it will be the most extreme cushioning available. Air Max 270 is touted to be the next-gen sneaker that everybody can have, especially at a price-point of $150.

feel big air
Image/permission by Nike


















Nike calls it “a super-soft ride that brings you even closer to the feeling of walking on air” (Nike.com). Of course the parent company and creators know but, but glide could just as easily replace ride. Reaching close to an inch of cushioning and platform from heel to toe,  Feel Big Air is more airborne than any previous release.

Aerodynamic Detail

Feel Big Air‘s main feature is its mega heel bag, but it’s also important to notice the sleek design of its panels. Rather than clearly defined panels, as seen in other Air Max and Nike iterations, these bleed together and give the appearance of a single, molded panel.

feel big air
Image/permission by Nike

Don’t let the sock-like design fool you, though. While it’s super sleek and aerodynamic, its panels are carefully constructed to provide a supreme fit. After all, you want to float in the air, not swim around in your shoes. Feel Big Air also has an attached tongue covered with laces that come slightly higher than usual, thus enhancing fit across the instep.

All Lit Up

Go big or go home: it’s the statement Nike makes with the debut of the big-time heel bag. As the focal point of Feel Big Air, color is everything for the predominantly black Air Max 270. It might be a tongue-in-cheek reference, but it’s pretty cool that Nike highlights the best part of Feel Big Air with Tonal Orange and Hot Punch, two colors that are bright enough to be highlighters themselves.

feel big air
Image/permission by Nike

Does Air Max 270 Feel Big Air remind you of something? Remember L.A. Lights, the mid-90’s sneaker trend took the world by storm heels that lit up with motion? Relive the blast from the past with this L.A. Gear’s 1994 commercial, which for some reason features children in a desert, recklessly abandoned by their parents. Check out this CNN Money profile on L.A. Gear to brush up on some sneaker trivia.

Jump On It

Are you going big in 2018? Be sure to get on the right track with Air Max 270 “Feel Big Air” in Tonal Orange, Hot Punch (seen below), Photo Blue, or Volt.

feel big air
Image/permission by Nike

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