Air Zoom Spiridon: Secret Stash


If you’re a runner, then the Air Zoom Spiridon is already on your radar. The must-have running shoe of the century just got more desirable. The Air Zoom Spiridon “Stash” is drops on November 29 for a crisp $175. The sleek colorway is inspired by NYC graffiti icon, Stash, whose work of the 80’s and 90’s became a part of the city’s landscape.

Image/permission by Nike


Air Zoom Spiridon “Stash”

Release Date: November 29, 2017

Retail: $175

Colors: Harbor Blue

Features: Classic silhouette; Signature mesh upper; Graphic callouts to Stash

Image/permission by Nike

Stash is No Secret

Air Zoom Spiridon comes out of the shadows with Stash this week. The highly-anticipated collaboration between Nike and the legendary NYC graffiti artist has become one of the most-wanted holiday gifts of 2017.

Image/permission by Nike

When icons like these collide, only epic things happen. Art meets the world of sports in a burst of fashion: classic, genuine, and well-worth the wait.

Image/permission by Nike

The shoe is tagged twice, once with Stash’s signature and the other, with a unique iteration of “Nike.”

NYC-Inspired Style

NYC graffiti extraordinaire and world-renowned artist, Stash brings his roots to every work of art. Cuadro Fine Art Gallery of Dubai, UAE, where some of Stash’s work is on display, captures his contribution to the NYC’s art and culture:

Stash is now firmly established as an innovator and influencer in the world of urban design, and his fascination with the urban environment is also evident in his perfectly executed photographic work, which features a combination of city motifs alongside the latest lighting and printing techniques.

– Cuadro Fine Art Gallery

Art is at the forefront of the Stash design, with careful attention to the color blue– a color that is especially important to the state. After all, think of the main color for most New York teams: Knicks, Yankees, Mets, Rangers, and Islanders– just to name a few.

Image/permission by Nike

It’s a perfect storm of

Harbor Blue Makes a Splash

Harbor Blue breathes new life into the Air Zoom Spiridon. The watery hues of blue are derived from Stash’s “signature blue color palette” (

Because the color is just as important as the medium to an artist like Stash, the sock liner captures the used spray can nozzles in blue.

Image/permission by Nike

Blue and white, with a touch of framing gray, take form throughout the Air Zoom Spiridon. The “pop” of the multi-dimensional blues recreate the same eye-catching effect as seen in Stash’s street art.

Jump On It

Air Zoom Spiridon “Stash” makes its debut on November 29 at select Nike retailers. It’s the running shoe that will steal the show this month, so make sure you make room for these kicks.

Image/permission by Nike

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