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Nike’s Real Treat of Winter 2016

SFB 6 Cognac Bomber
Image permission from Nike


Nike’s SFB 6 Cognac Bomber is the real treat of Winter 2016. If Nike and Timberland had a lovechild, this would be it. With the heavy labor look of a Timberland, and the iconic Nike tread, the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber has clocked in for the season.


SFB 6 Cognac Bomber

SFB 6″ Bomber, Cognac

Retail price: $170.00 at and select retailers

Color: Cognac/white

Features: Plush lining, inside ankle zip, and recessed Swoosh logo on the heel counter



Business Up Front

The SFB 6 Cognac Bomber is up front when it comes to getting down to business. Its profile at postures the shoe as a crossover, since it marries two legendary styles. It borrows the functionality of the SFB family while maintaining trendy curb appeal of other premium Nike sneakers. This unique crossover could be the first of many re-purposed SFB shoes for the fashion audience.


The “hard work” look popularized in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s featured mainstreamed fashion of Timberland, Carhartt, and Dickies. With the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber, Nike inserts itself into the trend—and is here for the long haul.



Party in the Back

SFB 6 Cognac Bomber
Image permission by Nike

You can’t have a serious Nike sneaker without a little party in the back. The SFB 6 Cognac Bomber has the work boot look, but boasts the comfort of party kicks. The smooth premium leather is ultra-luxurious, giving the sneaker a custom-like fit for ever wearer. Fit, of course, is really determined by the lacing—and the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber aims to please.


Perhaps the most innovative fit feature of the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber is its inside zip. The frequent adjusting of laces for that perfect fit takes time, and often puts premature wear on the laces. While the zip is an embellished feature, it actually supports the custom-fit feel of the sneaker.


Tedious lacing becomes a thing of the past in the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber, and the sneaker lends itself to a customized fit every wear. Wearers only need to lace up once to get going, because the inside zip allows for easy access.



Actually, House Party

SFB 6 Cognac Bomber
Image permission by Nike

The SFB 6 Cognac Bomber rocks the house from the inside out, just like Kid N’ Play in House Party (1990). The lining is also a nod to this year’s bomber jacket trend with elements of the sheepskin and shearling look. By all accounts, the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber is on point with the tends of Fall/Winter 2016-2017.


The cream plush lining puts the sneaker at the top of the list for warmest fashion footwear. The original SFB line inspires the lining’s functionality. Most other winter boots with are fully lined with plush, but the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber actually refrains from lining the inner sole. This maintains the cushioned fit and feel from the inside of the shoe—which is often lost with fully-lined winter boots. The inner sole, also cognac, instead features a white Nike and Swoosh logo at the inside heel.



Nike Treads All the Way


SFB 6 Cognac Bomber
Image permission by Nike


From most angles, the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber rocks the crossover appearance. Looking at the underside of the sneaker brings the wearer back into the sneaker’s athletic side. The outsole dons the iconic geometric Nike pattern. With the grooves and ridges in all the right places, the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber offers spectacular traction and shock-absorption. The outsole and midsole blend together into a slight platform, which is perfect for winter weather.


Clocked In, but Not Checked Out

Nike has seen its fair share of sell-out releases, especially with limited reissues of Jordans, yet the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber is still available online.  Does that mean if a shoe isn’t sold out, that it’s not hot? It’s quite the opposite, actually, considering the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber. The thing is, loyal Nike fans know that this sneaker is a prominent member of the Nike family, especially as a crossover.


This is the beginning of bringing over the SFB to mainstream wearers. The SFB 6 Cognac Bomber sends the message that Nike’s dominance in the footwear industry is largely due to its versatility. The success of the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber means the possibilities are endless: different high top sizes and colorways are bound to drop in the near future.


For now, though, the SFB 6 Cognac Bomber remains one of the most unique Nike releases of 2016. If you’re planning on picking up a pair for the holidays, be sure to grab Sneaker Shields to go with it. Visit our store and subscribe to our emails to get the best deals on Sneaker Shields all through December.

SFB 6 Cognac Bomber
Image permission by Nike