Chunky Dunky

The next installment from the creators at Nike have teamed up with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to release an SB for the ages. This collab is going to be one of the high coveted rare releases that everyone drools for. Just after the highly anticipated reverse skunk, a play on the original 2010 quick strike, released on 4/20/20. Like the reverse skunk, the new Ben & Jerry collaboration is going to be a very limited release. Nike seems to stick to the roots of the SB’s legacy and will cater to the skate shops and the infamous Nike SNKRS app. If you scour the social media platforms that are specific to skate shops and sneaker resellers, you might just be lucky enough to get a pair at a hefty resell price. As the reverse skunks of 2020, could the brilliantly named “Chunky Dunky”, fetch a luxury resell value… time will tell. If I was a betting man I would say they will be some what similar in value and are a great investment as well as a smart, witty design. My predictions and advice would be invest heavily in this shoe if you are a collector or resell shop. This one is going down in the history books as not only exclusive but a staple creation for the SB family.

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Nike has taken this SB Dunk low collaboration to another level. The “Chunky Dunky” is a play on words to the Well Renowned Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Inspired by the infamous Vermont based ice cream company, this SB Dunk low is set for greatness. Ben & Jerry’s popular classic banana, fudge and walnut was one of the first flavors to put them on the map. Following the success and popularity of this flavor, Ben and Jerry’s and Nike has chosen this to represent their iconic brand. This ingeniously designed Sb dunk low is so well thought out right down to the stitching color and materials used. It takes the details of the carton and implements it into the infamous Sb dunk low silhouette. Starting with the baby blue leather toe box surrounded in faux fur resembling cow hide has got to be the head turner of the year. The leather part of the toe box is the supple conditioned leather we wish all sneakers could be made from. The faux fur continues around the main part up around the lace holes and wraps the bottom heal to complete the cow hide look and feel. The faux fur has been given great detail to resemble a cows hide. The black and white faux cow hide and the baby blue tones of the shoe is such pleasant eye candy. A blue sky and a green hill covers the sides behind the Nike check. While the bottoms reside in a grass green to give it that grazing pasture feel. The swoosh was done in yellow and given drip marks on the bottom for the feel of melted ice cream. The inside of the SB Dunk low has got to be my favorite part of the whole shoe. Given the hippy tie die treatment gives it the colorful contrast needed to be cast into greatness. In my opinion the inner shoe lining and the insoles are the attentions to details that makeup the most iconic SB Dunks out there. Making the insole match the inner lining has definitely catapulted this release into the all to familiar scarcely hard to get for retail scenario. Followed up by the most eye catching part of the whole sneaker, the heel tab. A chunky “Nike” where the swooshes meet sitting atop of some puffy white clouds is why this is SB Dunk low is going to rival some of the greats. Some say the heel tab is the calling card to the sneakers character. With brands like Jordan, Saucony, Reebok, Adidas, and Nike Air heel tabs have lived up to the detail standards which we have grown to love and cherish. The Nike SB is another pioneer in detailed heel tabs in the series of Dunks and Dunk Lows. With models like the diamond supply x Nike collab, the Parra x Nike Sb, the nights of mischief trick or treat design for the Halloween holiday. Another reason this cloud accented “NIKE” logo on the heel of the new “Chunky Dunky” is go to make this a serisouly sought after SB Dunk Low. I would put my money on every collector, shoe lover, or even your casual shoe enthusiast doing whatever it takes to get their hands on these exclusive and wild looking SB Dunks. The dates have been set and the moves are being made to get into raffles and giveaways or this amazing pair. Plus as an addition the box seems to flow with the colors in the shoe to make it a nice fit for any collector who loves their boxes. If this is any hint from Nike that the attention to detail of the shoes and boxes keep at this pace, they are knocking it out of the park. Let’s hope the future can bring a general release to these exclusive releases. After all the world is filled with people who would love to wear and own pairs of their own. The world of “Sneakerheads” is a competitive one at best, always battling for the next hyped or exclusive release.

The iconic collab release from Nike and Ben & Jerry’s is set for May 23rd. Releasing first in select skate shops who carry premier SB’s in limited quantities. Following up shortly after the initial release date, SNKRS app is going to drop them on May 26th where everyone will get a chance. Although everyone gets a chance a few will be able to get their hands on these babies. These days with all of the automated bots, they tend to really make it difficult. For the average Sneakerhead it has become a nightmare to secure a pair through apps rather than store raffles or the old fashion camp, first come first serve. Once the Nike x Ben & Jerry’s “Chunky Dunky” collaboration releases, good luck to everyone out there.