Jordan Flint 13

When it comes to OG’s, the Jordan Flint 13 is a must have in your collection. He transitions his moves on the court and incorporates the stealthiness and characteristics of a panther in several different ways as he designs the Jordan 13. Taking the paw of the panther and using its form to make the shape of the sole and using the holographic Jordan 23 to resemble the emerald, reflective green eyes of the panther. When you put the shoes together you can see the placement for the holograms to resemble panther eyes. Add a 3m to the side panels to resemble the reflective coat of the panther and you have one of the sought after silhouettes Jordan Brand has produced.111
The flint color-way is one of the eye catching releases that everyone is sure to want to get their hands on, and if you do you most definitely want to keep them in great condition. You might not want to even wear them for fear that the Jordan 13 toe box is going to crease up. In fear that they become flimsy and get that crease right across the top and to the side. Take the worry out of the picture and use our Shields™ with every pair. You will preserve the look and value of your Jordan 13 by keeping your toe box looking new and crease free!

The Jordan 13 silhouette, has one of the narrowest and lowest profile toe boxes Jordan offers. Because of this, the sneaker has a lot of potential for forming highly visible creases across the toe box as well as on the sides. So your probably asking yourself, which Shields™ are right for the 13’s? For this shoe shape we highly recommend the Gen-X Universal. It’s the most comfortable and flexible Shield™ we offer. Now, here are a few tips for achieving a perfect fit and maximum comfort.
When you get ready to instal the Shields™ into your 13’s, you will need a pair of scissors to trim them for a perfect fit. Don’t worry though, a little simple trimming does the job great. Now seeing our Shields™ come with a much taller profile toe box then the 13’s, you will have to trim the bottoms of them to lower the height so the Shields™ will slide all all the way to the front of the shoe without creating a “hump” in the middle toe box.
PLEASE NOTE If you try to push them in and a hump forms on the middle of your toe box and doesn’t slide all the way in that means that you need to trim the bottoms a little more.
Simply cut off approximately a 16th of an inch all the way around the entire bottom of the Shields™. Remember to only trim a little bit off at a time then check to see if they slide all the way in to the front of the sneaker. Repeat this if needed until you have the perfect snug fit. Then your all set! Once customized for a certain style of sneaker, we highly recommend leaving them installed for the life of the sneaker. Especially when you have to trim them for certain sneakers for a perfect fit you don’t want to mess with them once they are comfortably installed.

With the release of the infamous “Flint” color-way, people are reminiscing of past sneaker releases and are excited about the opportunity to grab a pair of these! The OG 1998 color-way had several rereleases to date. The original had a 3m reflective pattern in the ostrich “print like” material on the shoes side. The original release and the 2005 release maintained the original materials that made the silhouette stand out. The 2010 release fell back and did not return with the reflective 3m and suede because its said the material was not up to par wit h its predecessors. With that being said the great news of the 2020 release just might live up to the OG Flint 13 release hype! This has gotten sneakerheads, people who don’t collect anymore, and the nostalgic shoe lover to pay attention to this drop which has been anticipated for awhile. Rumors surfaced that there was supposed to be a release that was suppose to happen in 2017, the wait is almost over! This time around Jordan has blessed us with a full size run and the option to equip your entire family. With sizes running from toddlers to adult size 16 there will be sizes for everyone but as we all know how quickly these will sell out they will not be available for everyone. The ways to go about scooping up a pair will the usual suspects such as Nike, East Bay, Footlocker, Footaction, Finishline, Jimmy Jazz, Champs, Kids Footlocker, SNKRS app, Shoe palace, Shiek Shoes, Zadeh kicks, just to name a few stores nationwide will carry this release. You have a good chance in copping a pair since it looks like they might make a good amount of these Flint 13’s. Just beware of counterfeiters selling knock offs and fakes of this new Jordan release. Only trust reputable sneaker stores when the initial release drops. If you happen to miss out on the drop don’t worry they’re are plenty of reputable resellers, such as sole supremacy and PCH Los Angelos who make sure to authenticate. They take the guessing and worrying out of the picture giving you a piece of mind for a small fee.

The original OG release date: 1998 – $150.00
Came with the butter suede and 3m
reflective side material.

The following release fell in 2005 – $150.00
This release followed the materials
of its predecessor and stuck to the
script by keeping the 3m along with
the butter suede.

The release after was the year 2010 $190.00
This release Jordan brand decide to go
without the original materials and did
away with the 3m and the more
genuine suede material with a cheaper

The next release for the year 2020 $190.00
They decided to give the sneaker
community what they wanted. By
taking the Jordan Flint 13 back to its
original self. By releasing it with the
3m and the better suede material, it is sure to have people running for this release.