Jordan VI “Olympics”

Much like the Jordan V, the VI has clear soles and incorporates lace locks. To make the shoe completely different than previous Jordans, a plastic tongue with holes to help put on and tighten the shoe for basketball. It also has a pull tab on the heel of the shoe as well. Not only does the shoe feature lace locks it also has an integrated lacing system in the tongue of the shoe which also features breathing holes for comfort.


Although Jordan didn’t wear these shoes in the Olympics, they are dubbed this due to their red accents with white and blue leather outer. The leather used on this shoe is tumbled and has ports for airflow. The shoe features a white and blue midsole along with the see through visible air pocket. On both sides of the ankle the shoe has extra padding and added air ports for increased airflow and breathability. When you put your foot into the shoe it almost feels as if your putting it into a padded sock. The Jordan VI is extremely comfortable and is a classic shoe that has been retro’d in many different colorways.