Jordan VII “French Blue”

The VII has a few similarities to the VI such as the 2 piece leather outer and the vented airhol es throughout. One huge difference with this shoe is the Air technology, in most previous Jordans the air was visible, but with the release of the VII the air is embedded in a solid midsole. On the very rear of the shoe features a rubber shield with Jordan’s number 23. Like the VI, this shoe has an inner sock to it, but this shoe took it to another level. With the inner sock reaching all the way around the entire foot and almost up the the ankle, it really was as if you has slipped on a sock with the shoe attached.


This colorway of the Jordan VII was released in December of 2002 on the same day the Black Citurs VII’s released. Sneaker-heads are sometimes torn between the shoe whether to hate it or love it, but regardless you cannot deny its innovation and quality. One thing sneaker-heads can’t complain about this time is the clear soles because this shoe’s midsole is mostly white with flint gray and french blue accents along with a navy base sole so there is no chance of yellowing. This particular colorway features an all white tumbled leather outer with blue Jumpman embroidered into the ankle. The tongue of the shoe is breathable nylon on the top and insides, while under the laces is leather with many vent holes allowing for the foot to breathe.


**Disclaimer: These pictures were taken from the internet because because of their pristine condition as a better representation of the shoe than what we could provide otherwise.