Jordan XIII Low “Chutney”

The Jordan XIII Low in the Chutney colorway was released in 1998. The low-top version has many of the same aspects of the high top version. The one notable difference is the low-top has no hologram on the back ankle. Another thing that set the low-tops apart were the colorways, both colorways were very casual and the Chutney colorway is reminiscent of Timberland Boots because of the color of the leather.
The XIII low features a tan durabuck leather outer with a leather toe-box. The midsole is completely black with only the very bottom sole having the Chutney color. It is said that the XIII is modeled after the paw of a panther giving it a very sleek look. On the low-top models rather than a hologram there is a golden metal Jumpman emblem which gives a classy sophisticated look. The inner of the shoe is chutney based while the tongue is black with a chutney Jumpman logo.

For being 15 years old the shoe has held together terrific. The most noticeable thing since wearing them over time is the creasing in the toe-box. With the Sneaker Shields insterted the toe-box goes back to fulled bodied and brings the shoe back to life. There hasn’t been a release on the low-top XIII’s in quiet a while so it is important to me to keep this pair looking as fresh as possible.