Nike Air Jordan 1 “Satin Red”

Since the dawn of history, it seems there has been no greater villain than the snake. Hiding in the grass, slithering in the shadows, poised to pounce, and packing a venomous bite, the snake is the epitome of cunning. Although basketball fans may regard the late Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, to be the NBA’s greatest asp, there is no doubt that the original serpent is also known as the “Black Cat.” With that in mind, behold the Air Jordan 1 OG “Satin Snake.”

The creative minds behind the scenes at Jordan Brand have been bringing their A-game to 2020, a year that seems to have few high notes. Though Fall is around the corner, the summer heat is still cranked up to 10 at Nike with the release of the women’s exclusive Air Jordan 1 OG “Satin Red,” alternately known as “Satin Snake.” These beauties immediately fall into the category of “all-time classics,” which is a bold statement considering the rich history of Jordans in the Bulls’ signature color scheme. One of the most stunning features setting this pair apart is the black snakeskin that shines around the heel and across the trademark Swoosh. Also available in sizes for kids and toddlers, the “Satin Snake” Jordan 1s are prepared to make some folks very happy.

Taking their cue from OG colorway “Black Toe,” these Jordan 1s are another outstanding example of the Chicago Bulls colors on the shoe that made them famous. Beginning at the bottom with a black undersole/white upper sole combo, with matching white satin side panels and inner toe. Luxurious textures abound as the outer toe and uppers are satin-finished in gym red, material that engulfs the shoe’s tongue and collar. Black faux snakeskin shines like opals around the ankle of the sneaker, further enhancing the shoe’s overall glimmer. One of the Air Jordan 1 silhouette’s iconic features, the ankle flaps continue the black serpentine texture, but with the iconic “Air Jordan Wings” logo embossed upon them. The rear of the shoe is dominated by the black snakeskin, with a thin white satin stripe between it and the red satin upper. Not only does this shoe look retro-fabulous, but it also evokes pure glamour.

When it comes to classic color combinations in sneaker culture, few rank higher than black and red, especially when it comes to Air Jordans. After all, MJ spent the majority of his professional basketball career playing for the Chicago Bulls, at least the years everybody cares to remember fondly. No offense to the Washington Wizards, but Jordans hit a bit harder during his championship era. Before Space Jam and “it’s Gotta Be the Shoes,” there was the shoe “too hot for the NBA.” Just as His Airness was starting his journey to greatness, Nike was kicking off the biggest basketball branding breakthrough of all time. In the 35 years since the original Air Jordan’s debut, it is still considered an essential piece in any sneakerhead’s repertoire, and the more variations the merrier. For true fans of MJ and the Chicago b-ball dynasty of the ‘90s, we’re probably talking multiples in this legendary combination.

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The Peter Moore-designed OG Air Jordans have made their impression on global culture, kick-starting the tradition of annually revamping and reinvigorating a signature shoe. Although the silhouettes evolved throughout MJ’s career, this shoe is still the brand’s cornerstone. The first run of the shoe saw 13 different colorways over the course of their release, counting among them standouts such as “Royal” blue, “Shadow,” and “Carolina Blue” to name just a few. However, nothing comes close to the two most instantly-recognizable colorways: the “Bred” variant, a/k/a “Banned,” and the “Chicago” with the addition of that crisp white. Nike even copied itself with the mythical AJKO canvas “knock-off” Jordan, which was released on the low while the AJ1 filled the shelves. Retros come and go, but the original Air Jordan has stood the test of time, and every discerning collection should include at least a couple pairs in black, red, and white.

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With this female-sized exclusive, those of smaller-footedness get to slide into some shiny classics. The women’s footwear game tends toward lighter, cooler colors and blushes, so it’s always great to see choices with darker and more daring tones. While anyone can rock a pair of Js, these “Satin Snakes” are designed to give a traditionally masculine shoe a bit of designer flair. Anyone with feet that fit these fire-breathers should pounce like a snake on the chance to luxuriate their soles.

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