Nike Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red Denim”

Summer is drawing to a close and with it one of the most tumultuous seasons in modern history. After months of waiting, the NBA Bubble is thriving and the 2020 playoffs are rounding out heading into the Fall. It’s bizarre, to say the least, but with the delayed league-play finally barreling towards a climax, there’s no better time to celebrate with a new pair of Js. The designers at Nike work year-round to provide footwear fanatics with fresh looks and vintage vibes. For the best of both worlds, look no further than these Air Jordan 3s, the new “Fire Red Denim” retros. The all-time classic silhouette in a legendary colorway appears pretty standard at first glance, but this pair of bangers demands a closer look. Inspired by one of Japan’s most treasured exports, these Jordans make changes that seem minor but transform this mainstay into something new, exciting, and one-of-a-kind.

One look at these beauties can send a shiver down your spine, evoking memories of yesterday’s glories and the spoils of victory. After all, Michael Jordan won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in a pair of white/cement threes, and once the Fire Red is deployed, you can pretty much just call the game. These latest additions to the Jordan Brand family of retro classics are a prime example of small alterations leading to radical results. By and large, these 3s resemble a hybrid of two original looks: the white/cement meets an extra touch of flashy Fire Red. The shoe’s brightest shade is deployed in a fairly unique placement, with most coverage on the inner tongue and glossy ankle collar. The most eye-drawing display of Fire Red comes on the shoe’s heel, where it boldly bursts out from behind the translucent plastic heel tab that almost resembles a shield. The most striking detail of the sneaker is here, where we see the Fire Red “Nike” logo and “Swoosh” piercing through a molded clear vision of the iconic “Jumpman.” From the front, the same unmistakable profile bursts forth in Fire Red on the shoe’s bright white tongue.

Another stunning feature of these sneakers is the addition of denim, which delivers distinctive visual and textural dynamics. The elephant print of the Jordan 3 appears in mid-tone grey Japanese-inspired raw denim finish. The pattern overlays the rear heel wraparound and outer toe and provides a minor highlight on the shoe’s eyestays. The white tumbled leather uppers are one of the original upgrades that traditionally give the Jordan 3s a flair of luxury. As is the case with nearly every release of the third edition, these shoes are fit for the court as well as the runway. Better yet, the blend of nostalgia and innovation makes the “Fire Red Denim” Jordan 3s an immediate example of “how to upset the easily envious.”

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What can be said about the Air Jordan 3 that hasn’t already been etched into the lore of the GOAT of the NBA? Well, for the benefit of the uninitiated, here is a brief review of the history of the Slam Dunk-winning, brand-saving MVPs of Air Jordan. After two years in the league, Michael Jordan was a breakout rising star, having won Rookie of the Year in 1985. The young athlete was hungry, and a little dissatisfied in his situation with Nike. Fortunately (for everyone involved), another upstart was poised to revolutionize sportswear in tandem with His Airness, and the now mythical designer Tinker Hatfield swooped in to save the future of sneakerdom. The first collaboration between the equally-driven dynamos convinced MJ to continue his career with Nikes on his feet, elevated Hatfield to the prime designer role of the Jordan line, and was a grand step toward shifting the paradigm in signature superstar shoes.

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It’s clear to see that the “Fire Red Denim” retro Jordan 3s are an immediate entry in the reissue hall of fame, proving once more that Nike and Jordan Brand are always seeking innovations that reimagine our all-time favorites. The addition of Japanese-inspired raw denim is the cherry on top of a magnificent sneaker sundae, illustrating the brand’s eye for international ingenuity. Whereas most off-the-shelf denim jeans are washed after the indigo dye has been applied, the raw fabric is richer and fades naturally with time and wear. The raw denim overlays on these AJ3s is a grey “selvedge” fabric, a self-finished egde embedded in the textile. One of the primary appeals of Japanese denim is the traditional weaving equipment that creates a unique-yet-natural finish. Upon closer inspection, this phenomenal feature adds an extra element of detail to the elephant print that is synonymous with this sneaker.

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