The summer of Nike continues as the sportswear titan releases another instant classic, the Orange Duck Camo Air Max 90s. That’s right, Air Max Day is upon us once again, and Nike is blessing the world with more new editions of their classic trainer. The immediate standout is this “Total Orange” Duck Camo colorway, a nod to the previous collaboration with Japanese streetwear shop Atmos. These vivid, eye-catching kicks are the perfect addition to any collector’s shelf, not to mention hitting the streets.

The sneaker is highlighted by total orange, the color most associated with modern wilderness hunting. Darker hues of amber and burnt-orange are arranged from the side panels to the heel in camouflage patterns, dulled by backgrounds of brown and black. The side of the sole stands in contrast with bright, clean white, while the transparent/red air pocket is protected by a ridged black shield. The view from below sees a canvas of total orange cross-slashed with black rubber. The shoe’s interior matches the simple orange and black of the bottom. The sneaker’s signature swoosh is stoic in black, while the classic “Air Max” logo shines bright and small in orange.

Nike’s previous release in this Duck Camo Pack is another stunner, similarly adorned with the vivid hunter’s orange, but in reverse. The deadstock Reverse Duck Camo 90s feature the traditional drab green, olive, and dark brown. One stark difference between the two sneakers is the swoosh; the Reverse features a snakeskin texture and a glossy, almost patent finish.

Another recent Air Max that has caught eyes is the neon-highlighted “Ghost Green Camo” 90, which was released this past spring. This colorway begins with an overall white base, overlaid with accents of black and bright green. “Ghost Green” is evocative of everyone’s favorite film specter, Slimer (of Ghostbusters fame), and his signature Hi-C Ecto Cooler. The camouflage is much more subtle in comparison to the rest of the shoe’s colorway, yet still a crucial design component.

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The most outrageous of the Camo Duck Air Max designs is actually not a classic 90, but instead the similarly-kitted 2090. Released in “Infrared Duck Camo,” the 2090s in this pack are a step in a bold direction. The overall base is black with ridged texture and mesh overlaying extremely subdued classic camo. What really draws the eye are the rich additions of Nike’s iconic Infrared. From the slight details of stitching to the bold, hard-plastic and rubber of the heel, hues of Infrared burst through in this evolution of the Air Max, the beautifully-chunky 2090.
Air Max Day is typically celebrated on March 26 each year, honoring the initial release of the original Air Max 1s in 1987. That date has passed, but 2020 is kind of a special year, one might say. Millions of Americans have been mostly stuck indoors since March thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many fashionistas with more free time than usual. Also, quarantines have a lot of folks missing their physical communities and are relegated to self-expression and socialization through phone screens and internet hangouts. Thankfully, Beaverton, Oregon’s biggest business is stretching Air Max Day into summertime, one of the few victories in a year full of L’s.

It’s easy to see that Air Max 90s are an excellent canvas for the design team at Nike, which is another reason to be excited about Air Max Day releases. In addition to the Duck Camo Pack, the Nike-By-You platform featured an exclusive Air Max 90 Metallic Pack. Finishes of gold, rose-gold, and silver are fully-reflective and cover the entirety of these glossy gems. The futuristic 2090s are also getting more chances to break out into their own lane, including some phenomenal female-sized fare. Additionally, Brazilian sports superstar Neymar has a new collaboration with Nike dropping in the form of both black and white-based 2090s.

Nike’s wide selection of attractive Air Max trainers is sure to be seen all over social media feeds. Instagram has become the number one platform for drawing envious eyes to your killer collection, so be sure to check out our exclusive offer for free Sneaker Shields if you want to stay photo-fresh.

Fans with an international eye may know that Air Max and camouflage have been previously paired in 2013’s Camo Pack. The running shoe paid tribute to a number of countries’ actual military colors and patterns; France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom were each honored, each insole adorned with the nation’s flag. Other classic instances of camo in Nike’s arsenal include previous releases in the skateboarding division, with numerous grails among the SB Dunk array. Finally, one cannot neglect the impact of Japan’s boutique, Atmos, and their design innovations upon the Air Max line. The original Air Max Duck Camo came as a limited design in the same year as the more traditional camo colorways, and their popularity made the latest editions inevitable.

Sneakerheads are going to have to put in some work to snag a pair of Orange Duck Camo Maxes before they vanish into collectors’ closets and resellers’ e-stock. Even before release, resale markets show a generous markup on these flames of fashion. Previous entries in the pack are already fetching pretty prices, and before long they’ll be the envy of those who miss out. Once you score a pair of Air Max 90s (or 2090s for that matter), make sure to pick up at least one set of Sneaker Shields. Nobody wants creased mesh in their toe boxes, so preserve your sportswear assets with regular care and upkeep.