Nike Dunk High – Varsity Red/Anthracite-White

2013-07-12 17.44.21

Nike’s Dunks have been around for what seems like forever with their introduction happening in 1985. Dunks Come in Low and High and also in other various models in the SB division. These Dunks in particular are not an original colorway or model. The difference with these is the perforations within the leather on the sides and upper ankle area of the shoe. While the toe cap, swoosh and ankle area are all smooth nubuck giving it quite a contrast of materials.

2013-07-12 17.44.53

The shoes are comfortable to wear casually but do not have any air in the sole of the shoe so it is a solid rubber sole. The shoes are very light on your feet thanks to the classic technology and design. The shoe features a basic thin tongue with minimal padding which may find to feel a bit loose compared to shoes with a thick tongue. With such basic design on the toe box and toe cap these shoes are prone to excessive creasing, with the use of Sneaker Shields the creases are virtually eliminated keeping the shoes looking fresh. The Dunk has managed to stay iconic for over two decades with hundreds of colorways and collaborations for sneakerheads to collect.

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