Nike is throwing a bone to sneakerheads this summer with the release of the slick-yet-inexpensive “University Red” Dunk Low. The classic college kicks are getting some earned love as a staple in Nike’s vast arsenal of versatile shoes, and these look to be the first in a collegiate color pack. This “University Red” colorway (which is very similar to the signature hue of the St. John’s University Red Storm) falls into the Sportswear division of Nike rather than the popular SB category. Although skateboarders have taken Dunks as their own in the last twenty-something years, most sneakerheads have forgotten the shoe’s origin as a go-to on college courts. Another addition to the new “Team Tones” series, it’s about time the SB Dunk’s more uptight, athletic sibling got some overdue admiration.

These lows are stylish and simple, starting with a clean and solid red undersole. Moving up along the shoe’s side, the simplicity continues from the sole to the neutral white leather sides. Overlays of the shoe’s namesake color flood in from the shoe’s heel, where the “NIKE” block logo pops through in white. The two colors contrast perfectly over the entirety of this sneaker. Looking from above, one can see the strengths of both red-on-white and its inverse as the two tones shift visual dominance with ease. Like a vintage high school or college varsity jacket, these low dunks are instant staples in any red-forward outfit or as standout pieces to a more subdued hookup.

It’s odd that a shoe synonymous with skateparks would have strong origins in organized collegiate sports, but Nike has been working with this silhouette for decades. The Oregon-based company took a big leap into the world of college basketball fandom in 1985 with the legendary Nike College Colors Program. Bearing the slogan, “Be True to Your School,” these new Dunk colorways encouraged students and alumni of popular schools to rock a pair of dunks in their honor. The fantastic footwear that followed became Nike’s original team shoe, beginning a trend that would take most major team sports by storm. College programs across the nation united fans and athletes alike with kicks that were instantly recognizable and symbolized an informal “spirit squad” of sorts.

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Some of America’s most recognizable schools were represented in the original “Be True to Your School” pack: the University of Michigan, University of Kentucky, and Syracuse were just three of the teams featured, all of which have a storied history in college sports. Color schemes that are well-known around the world were once limited to regional recognition. However, as soon as the now-iconic NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament hit TV, fans could rock “maize and blue” on the east, while west-coasters could show their pride in the University of Iowa’s black and yellow. In fact, it would be Iowa’s “goldenrod yellow” that would unite hip-hop fans as extreme followers of Wu-Tang; since the actual Wu-Tang Dunk was ultra-limited, the Hawkeyes’ edition would have to do. If it hadn’t been for the dedication of millions of college stans, these kicks may have never made their way into skate parks across the globe.

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The Nike Dunk was built for lateral support and pivot-traction, two desirable attributes when riding a longboard or doing your best Tony Hawk impression, so the shoe organically evolved into a natural choice for skaters. In the late ‘90s, when Warped Tour was still at its peak and everything were was getting an “extreme” makeover, skate shoes were the territory of Vans and Airwalk. However, many sneakerheads may not realize how influential the release of the Air Jordan 1 was for the skateboarding world. It’s only natural that Dunks were sought out for their similar silhouette and support, and more notably smaller price tag. In 2002, Nike rolled out the SB division to huge acclaim, where they continue to innovate to this day.

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The “University Red” Dunk Low is just one in a pack of “Team Tones” colorways being released by Nike this summer. Earlier this summer the “Brazil” dunks dropped with a varsity-maize/pine-green look that pays tribute to the world’s soccer/football legends. Soon, Syracuse Orange fans will be able to grab a pair the third release, blue-dominant dunks that evoke the 2004 post-championship retros. Whether you are a collector, reseller, or an everyday trendsetter, make sure to pick up some Sneaker Shields and keep your Nike Dunks crease-free.