Now You Can Preserve Your Shoes The Easy Way

Are you sick of having your brand new shoes start to crease at the toes and making them look older than they really are?  Especially the ones that you pay a hefty price for?  You are not alone.  Even if your shoes are fitted properly the toe box can wrinkle and cave in.  This makes your shoes look terrible and can make them wear out faster than you can get your money out of them.

There is a solution.  It is called the Sneaker Shields  Wearable shoe trees are a unique invention that slides into the toe box of your shoes and prevents them from creasing.  They keep the material the show is made from taut as you wear them, keeping them from creasing prematurely and providing you with a little extra wiggle room for your toes.  Additionally, wearable shoe trees are adjustable to fit just about any type of shoe and they help absorb excess moisture that seeps into the shoe lining.