Going on sale June 13th at select retailers and online, the new Nike Air Retro Air Jordan V “Top 3” editions are one of 2020’s hottest sneaker drops.

The Jordan brand is as strong as ever, and the summer hits continue with a fitting homage to His Airness’ 5th release. These kicks are dropping in the middle of one of the most chaotic periods America has ever seen. Just as they were once seen adorning the feet of Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, they are just as likely to be rocked by modern revolutionaries.

Hot on the heels of ESPN’s The Last Dance, Nike is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fives in fantastic fashion. This retro recreates the final pre-dynasty Air Jordan, originally released in 1990 to high praise. With a striking and dynamic colorway, the “Top 3” model is all set to join the list of classic Js from the last three decades. Combining elements from both the original releases and later retros, these throwbacks are bound for collector’s closets around the globe.

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Fashion and sports were fundamentally fused in 1984 with the release of Michael Jordan’s first signature Nike, the Air Jordan. Using the young, driven basketball phenom as a muse, legendary shoe designer Tinker Hatfield revolutionized the footwear industry, a market now valued in the billions. At the time, signature shoes were rare, and Nike had not yet broken into the NBA significantly. The marriage of Nike and MJ was the spark that would evolve into the wildfire that is the modern sneaker game. The marketing world was also turned upside-down when the rookie became the face of both a product and the brand itself, a strategy that resulted in the now-iconic Jumpman logo and its eventual splinter brand. Without the talent of Jordan and the innovation of Hatfield, decades of trends would be radically altered.

Think of the ubiquitous lines outside retailers every time a new shoe is released. Before the Air Jordan, malls weren’t filled with sneakerheads impatiently waiting by Foot Locker. However, as MJ’s NBA stock rose, more and more attention was being paid to what players were wearing as they soared through the air. The original Nike Air Ship was even banned by the NBA for not being plain enough! After those first J’s were a hit, Hatfield decided to renew his collaboration with Mike and follow up with footwear’s first significant sequel: the Air Jordan 2’s. Before anyone could blink, J’s were everywhere on the streets, the courts, and in the media. The creative compound of Jordan and Hatfield innovated the sneaker game in ways we can only begin to explore.

There was a time before Jordans when NBA stars all wore the same familiar canvas kicks, a shoe now relegated to old school hoops or punk rock aesthetics: the Converse “Chuck Taylor” All-Stars. While it may appear more like a slipper than a piece of athletic equipment, they became iconic as the unofficial shoe of the sport. If modern basketball evokes the image of the Jumpman, Converse Chucks represent an era that began even before “The Logo.” Later, PF Flyer paired up with Celtics’ Hall of Famer Bob Cousy for the “All-American,” a shoe that was slightly a step in the same direction. In 1971, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar became the first African American with his own signature kicks, the Adidas Superstars. This trend continued at a slow pace through the ‘70s and into the ‘80, with other companies like Puma joining the b-ball bandwagon. It wasn’t until His Airness shot into sports and pop culture stardom in ‘84 that Nike took that giant leap to the forefront of athletic wear and fashion.

Looking at the history of Air Jordan 5s, the sneaker’s rise from simple athletic wear to coveted collector’s item is evident; the model has been re-released as a retro nearly 40 times since 2000. Beginning with the original three, it has been seen in countless colorways, yet it retains Tinker Hatfield’s original fighter plane-inspired blueprint. The “Top 3” edition is both chromatically diverse and uncomplicated visually, making it an ideal addition to anyone’s closet or gallery.

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The “Top 3” retros are a beautiful tribute to 30 years of Jordan V’s, combining the original-release colorways of “Fire Red,” “Gray Metallic,” and “Grape.” MJ’s vintage branding highlights are included, such as the drop-shadow 23 on the side panel, classic Nike Air heel, and Jumpman logo on the bottom outsole. Colors contrast between vivid blues and purples, crimson red, and shimmering silver. One unmistakable feature of the Five are the ferocious shark teeth, which jag through a blazing red midsole, recalling Mike’s on-court savagery. Nike’s “New Emerald” green adds another dimension to this killer design, a hue featured in the upcoming “Alternative Grape” model.

With a retail price of $200, these retros are sure to fly off virtual shelves in a flash, so whether you are a collector, reseller, or an everyday trendsetter, make sure to pick up some Sneaker Shields and keep your new J’s crease-free.

Written by: Matt Fleming