Shoe Care Kit | Wearable Shoe Trees. Unique shoe care

This unique Shoe Care Kit by Wearable Shoe Trees restores leather and prevents creases in dress shoes and all others shoes on the market. Shoe trees designed to work while you wear them. They are perfect shoe care and toe box protectors. Put them in your shoe to stretch them out if your shoe is too small. Or if your shoe is a bit big, or purchase them a 1/2 size larger, and your shoe will maintain a perfect shape indefinitely.

This is The Universal – our softer model, designed to fit all types of shoes.

Never before has a shoe stretcher and decreaser like this been available. Our design is patented and these shoe trees are fully customizable.

Try the unique shoe care pair today. We guarantee you will be happy with our wearable shoe tree’s ability to maintain the shape of your shoe and keep it looking brand new.