There are many more than what appear in the list that are compatible. We’re adding pictures and videos daily of each..

Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 1 Low, Air Jordan 2, Air Jordan 2 Low, Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, ‎Air Jordan 5, Air Jordan 5 Low, Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 6 Low, Air Jordan 7, Air Jordan 8, Air Jordan 8 Low, Air Jordan 9, Air Jordan 9 Low, Air Jordan 10, Air Jordan 11, Air Jordan 11 Low (patent leather and snake skin), Air Jordan 11 IE Low, Air Jordan 12, Air Jordan 12 Low, Air Jordan 13, Air Jordan 13 Low, Air Jordan 14, Air Jordan 14 Low, Air Jordan 15, Air Jordan 15 Low, Air Jordan 16, Air Jordan 16 Low, Air Jordan 17, Air Jordan 17+, Air Jordan 17 Low, Air Jordan 18, Air Jordan 18 Low, Air Jordan 19, Air Jordan 19 SE, Air Jordan 19 Low, Air Jordan 20, Air Jordan 20 Low, Air Jordan 21, Air Jordan 21 PE, Air Jordan 21 Low, Air Jordan 22, Air Jordan 22 Low, Air Jordan 23, Air Jordan 23 Low, Air Jordan 2009, Air Jordan 2010, Air Jordan 2011, Air Jordan 2012, Air Jordan 2012 Lite

5Lab3, 3Lab5

Nike Air Max Griffey 1 , Nike Air Griffey Max II, Nike Air Tech Challenge Hurrache, Nike Air Tech Challenge II, Nike Air Zoom Turff Jet ’97, Nike Zoom I Get Buckets

Nike Air Yeezy 1, Nike Air Yeezy 2

Air Jordan Son of Mars, Air Jordan Son of Mars Lows, Air Jordan Spizikes, Air Jordan Six Rings, Jordan Dub Zeros, AJF Fusion III, AJF Fusion IV, AJF Fusion V, AJF Fusion VI, AJF Fusion VIII, AJF Fusion IX, AJF Fusion XII, AJF Fusion XIII, AJF Fusion XX, Jordan Team One, Jordan Melo 1.5, Jordan Melo 5.5, Jordan Melo M3, Jordan Melo M4, Jordan Melo M5, Jordan Melo M6, Jordan Melo M7, Jordan Melo M8, Jordan Melo M9, Jordan Melo M10, Jordan Super Fly, Jordan Super Fly 2, Jordan CP3.I, Jordan CP3.II, Jordan CP3.III, Jordan CP3.IV, Jordan CP3 Advance, Jordan CP3.V, Jordan CP3.VI, Jordan CP3.VI AE, Jordan CP3.VII

Nike Air Raid 1, Nike Air Raid 2, Nike Zoom Air Huarache 2K4, Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K5

Nike Zoom Kobe 1, Nike Zoom Kobe 2, Nike Zoom Kobe 3, Nike Hyper Dunk Kobe, Nike Zoom Kobe 4, Nike Zoom Kobe 5, Nike, Zoom Kobe 6, Nike Zoom Kobe 7, Nike Zoom Kobe 8, Nike Zoom Generation, Nike Zoom Lebron 2, Nike Zoom Lebron 3, Nike Zoom Lebron 4, Nike Zoom Lebron 5, Nike Zoom Lebron 6, Nike Air Max Lebron 7, Nike Air Max Lebron 8, Nike Air Max Lebron 8 Low, Nike Lebron 9, Nike Lebron 9 Elite, Nike Lebron 9 Low, Nike Lebron 10, Nike Lebron 10 Elite, Nike Lebron 11, Nike Lebron 11 Elite, Nike Lebron 11 Low, Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier, Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier 2, Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier 3, Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier 4, Nike Lebron Air Max Soldier 5, Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier 6, Nike Lebron Soldier 7

Nike Zoom KD 1, Nike Zoom KD 2, Nike Zoom KD3, Nike Zoom KD4, Nike Zoom KD5, Nike Zoom KD 5 Elite, Nike Zoom KD 6, Nike Zoom KD 6 Elite

Nike Air Force Max CB, Nike Air Max CB 94, Nike Air Max CB34, Nike Air CB34 II, Nike Air CB4, Nike Air Super CB

Nike Air Maestro, Nike Air More Uptempo, Nike Air Pippen 1, Nike Air Pippen 2, Nike Air Pippen 3, Nike Air Pippen 4, Nike Air Pippen 5

Nike Air Flight One, Nike Air Penny 1, Nike Air Penny 2, Nike Air Penny 3, Nike Air Penny 4, Nike Air Penny 5, Nike Lil Penny Posite

Nike Air Diamond Turf, Nike Air Diamond Turf 2, Nike Air Diamond Turf Max 96, Nike Air Diamond Turf 5

Nike Air Trainer 1, Nike Air Trainer 2, Nike Air Trainer 3, Nike Air Trainer SC, Nike Air Trainer SC II, Nike Air Trainer Max ’91

Nike Air Much Tempo, Nike Air Flight Turbulence, Nike Air Way Up, Nike Air Thrill Flight, Nike Zoom UltraFlight, Nike Zoom GP, Nike Zoom GP 2, Nike Zoom GP 3, Nike Zoom GP4

Nike Air Bakin, Nike Zoom HyperFlight

Nike Air Force One High, Nike Air Force One Mid, Nike Air Force One Low

Nike Dunk High, Nike Dunk Low, Nike SB Dunk High, Nike SB Dunk Mid, Nike SB Dunk Low

…we’re adding more daily.