Shoe Decreaser | Sneaker crease preventer

The best shoe decreaser on the market, appropriate for all types of shoes. Use our shoe decreaser to keep your sneakers looking fresh and new.

This is The Protector. The Protector is our stiffer model and is designed specifically for Nike Air Force One style shoes.

Our shoe decreaser will prevent creases in all name popular brand shoes, including 23isback for shoes, authentic air jordans, air retro shoes, nike air force 1, boots, dress shoes and every other women’s shoes and men’s shoes on the market. They will also restore old creased shoes back to life. Perfect for shoe heads. Put them in your shoe to stretch them out if your shoe is too small. Or if your shoe is a bit big, or purchase them a 1/2 size larger, and your sneaker will maintain a perfect shape indefinitely.

Colors available: black, white, blue, red, pink, purple, green

VERY IMPORTANT: Please include your size and color requested when ordering.

It is easy to see after a “150 Wears” comparison, how well the Wearable Shoe Tree holds up. We put our Wearable Shoe Tree in the left shoe and kept the right shoe empty, then tested them on the streets of New York City. Roughly 3 months later, the sneaker without the Wearable Shoe Tree all but fell apart. Meanwhile, the sneaker with the Wearable Shoe Tree was crease free and kept its’ shape perfectly!