Shoe Trees | Best Shoe Trees for Sneakers

Shoe trees are devices resembling the shape of a foot that is placed inside a shoe. This is a support to the shoe to preserve its shape, and prevent it from creases and thereby extending the shoe’s durability. Higher quality shoe trees are made from solid wood, like cedar which aids in controlling odor and moisture. In case of wooden shoe trees often two or three pieces of solid wood with a solid metal stem is inserted between the heel piece and the single or double toe piece/s which have a spring action so the trees fit more compactly into the shoes.

Shoe trees may also be made of plastic, coiled metal spring stem is sometimes used; there are handles or brass knobs at the heel piece in order to grasp and pull out the trees from the shoe while removing them. While plastic shoe trees are generally made of a number of pieces, there are also single pieces of plastic that are wearable. These are typically cheaper and lighter.