Light Bristle Brush


The Sneaker Shields™ Light Bristle Brush is designed exclusively for delicate fabrics and materials. Constructed from non-abrasive hog hair, this brush will gently scrub out the tougher stains on the most delicate of fabrics. This 5” x 1.5” extra-large premium cleaning brush is the perfect choice for mesh and knit shoes that will fray or become fuzzy with other harder brushes.

Our premium Light Bristle Brush may be used on:
Suede, Mesh, Nylon, Nubuck, Patent Leather, Premium Leather, Canvas, Embroidery Stitching, Faux Fur, Pony Hair, Fur, Animal Hyde, Knit, Soft Cotton, Brushed Cotton, Silk, Foam, Vinyl and Most Premium Materials.