Sneaker Restoration | Restore your Sneakers

Caring of shoes is not only important to make them look good but is also vital in enhancing their durability or longevity. Irrelevant of your budget for shoes, taking care of your leather shoes makes sense. In the case of designer, or more expensive shoes, give it a thought of protecting your investment, or what could be a future collectible.

There are important distinctions between caring for smooth leather shoes or to care for suede, exotic skins, nubuck, or athletic shoes. Without proper conditioning and care, leather can dry out until it eventually cracks and falls apart, and you’ll no longer want to wear them out of the house – even if they did cost you heavy. While some people would want to throw on a coat of shoe polish when their shoes start to look shabby, to really protect leather shoes and keep them looking their best, there are four steps to follow.

  • Cleaning
  • Conditioning
  • Polishing
  • Preserving or Weatherproofing