Remember all those empty Smartwater bottles you threw into the blue bin at the gym? They might be the most comfortable part of your new pair of kicks. Sneakerheads are ready to rock rubbish this summer with Nike’s long-awaited release of the Space Hippie collection. The hype is high for these Hippies (which were delayed from an earlier June release) as the full pack of four is set to drop on July 3. Featuring materials consisting of everything from recycled water bottles to factory floor scraps, Nike is going all-in on sustainability without neglecting style. Although this collection’s tagline for each shoe is “This Is Trash,” Nike has actually managed to create four eye-popping treasures.

According to Nike, “Space Hippie is an exploratory footwear collection inspired by life on
Mars—where materials are scarce and there is no resupply mission.” The same rings true for Earth, which is why the footwear pioneers are leading the charge toward a more eco-friendly future. Using leftover “space junk” and “radical design,” this pack features four unique and unconventional shoes that stand up against a wasteful society. Each individual shoe (designated simply as 01, 02, 03, and 04) has its own silhouette and striking visuals, all created by amalgams of yarn, rubber, foam, and mystery materials. Lightweight and flexible, the Space Hippie collection is built for urban explorers and athletes alike.

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The Space Hippie collection starts with 01, a classic low trainer in a vague colorway of grey mesh, speckled blue foam, and vivid orange highlights. This shoe looks lighter than air itself, something someone can easily slip on before speeding through the streets. Rainbow-colored composite laces highlight the view from above, weaving between black elastic and bright orange threading. Upon close examination, the signature Nike Swoosh is stitched into the sides erratically, but its iconic shape is unmistakable from a distance.

The 02 is a mid-monster with similar style and color, but with a more relaxed-looking fit.
The Crater Foam midsole takes Nike Grind and blends it with a soft foam composite for comfort, while the upper is made from “Space Waste Yarn.” This consists of 90% recycled polyester harvested from t-shirt scraps, leftover yarn, and plastic water bottles. Reused ZoomX foam scraps provide the cushioning inside these cushy runners, making them quick and comfortable.

Many hypebeasts are already claiming Space Hippie 03 as the king of the pack, and one look at these high-tops will convince you that the hype is real. An advancement in utility leads the way with Nike’s Flyease technology providing the tightest fit with the least effort. The “Eject” label, for use in releasing the sneaker’s grasp, is just one indicator that these eclectic, almost sock-like shoes could send you straight to the red planet. The plastic clip on the shoe’s side is engineered with an orange strap that immediately draws attention as the shoe’s primary accent piece. These are, without a doubt, the standouts of the collection.

For those who prefer the female sneaker, the Space Hippie 04 is just as sleek as the other trainers but with more of a grey washout look. The sole adds a lift and a heel strap provides rear stability, making them look stealthy and supportive. Overall, the entire “exploratory footwear collection” looks like a Neil Armstrong-sized step into the future of athletic gear.

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Nike’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint even extends to the cardboard box that ships the shoes. Rather than throwing the signature orange box into yet another box, the Space Hippie comes in a single box made from repurposed materials and plant-based ink for the printing. All of this leads the way into the company’s “Move To Zero” campaign, a push toward zero carbon and zero waste. In fact, these were originally envisioned on the feet of athletes from around the world as they competed in the now-delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This would not have been limited to footwear, as the sportswear brand had planned full Olympic apparel made from recycled polyester and yarn. With organized sports on pause for the moment, the Space Hippie is now likely to become a fashion statement on sidewalks everywhere.

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Many of my favorite memories of playing street hoops as a teen took place on an outdoor court made from 100% recycled Nike soles. Twenty years later and the Oregon-based sportswear brand continues its attempts to reduce its carbon footprint and close its own product lifecycle. John Hoke, Nike’s Chief Design Officer, sees these shoes as a step toward “attacking trash as the villain.” As everyone attempts to do their part in combating climate change, the Space Hippie collection is proof that fashionistas don’t have to sacrifice style for substance. Rather, the future is in the hands of both creator and wearer, and all parties prefer to make a statement. Make sure to keep your statement fresh with a new pair of Sneaker Shields, the original and best choice to keep your kicks crease-free.