History Lesson: Shattered Backboard 1



Do you remember when MJ took flight and absolutely destroyed the backboard? Probably not, it’s not your fault. It’s not in any of his many NBA highlights, because it didn’t take place during an NBA game. In fact it happened during a overseas Nike promotional event back on August 15th 1986, in Italy. MJ soared through the air while rocking the Air Jordan 1’s, finishing off his usually gravity defying dunk by completely shattering the glass of the backboard. To bring this story to light to many who have had no knowledge of the fact, Jordan Brand brings to you the Air Jordan 1 Shattered Glass.  This AJ1 is colored blocked much like what you would find on a OG, comprised of black, white and orange to match the uniform MJ wore during the exhibition game. But they didn’t stop there, always adding that extra detail, the insoles have a screen print image of shattered glass falling above a rim and net. Pair these with the Universals from Sneaker Shields, and you can shatter the glass and opposition, while keeping your kicks in tact, Crease Free! – Young Jordan






Shattered Backboard Jordan 1

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