Ballin’: Shoezeum On Owning $1 Million Worth of Kicks

When it comes to sneakers as a business, Jordy of Shoezeum is no stranger. Growing up in the era of Michael Jordan, Jordy discussed with us the development of his own shoe selling business along with the creation of his Shoezeum. Making the swap meet his friend, Jorday managed to strike gold through his love for kicks as being a culture and a business. Ultimately reaching around 15k pairs of shoes at his peak, Jordy estimated that at one point he sat on roughly $1M worth of shoes.
As a result of making large amounts of money through the reselling of Nike’s products, Jordy was officially banned by the brand in 2009. Shutting down the business in 2010, Jordy decided to go another route by building his very own shoe museum to capture the history of Nike.

Sending letters to Nike about his project, Jordy was able to actually meet some of the Nike brand execs such as Mark Parker and Tinker Hatfield, just to name a couple.

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