Viotechs Air Trainer 3

Nike is rolling out the hot retros in time for a scorching summer, and few kicks are as anticipated as much as the Air Trainer 3 Viotechs. This memorable colorway first appeared in 2002 with Japan-exclusive Dunks, and has seen resurgence in re-releases in recent years. Sneakerheads everywhere are (virtually) lining up ready to pad their retro collection and pay tribute to the ultimate multi-athlete, Bo Jackson. With the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant still fresh in many memories, there’s no better time to spend a season rocking the best-looking purple shoes on the block. These colorful kicks could also be seen as a worthy investment on the resale market, especially at such a low retail price.

The retro hypebeast is eating up all things 90s these days, and these sneakers immediately recall the decade’s glowing neon aesthetic. It’s fitting that the Air Trainer 3s debuted as the official shoe of Bo Jackson, whose star was never higher than the early 1990s, as part of the iconic “Bo Knows” Nike campaign. For the young ones who may not be familiar with Bo Jackson, he is a two-sport hall-of-famer (baseball and football) who helped legends like Michael Jordan change the way pro-athletes branded themselves. Bo and MJ even got their own Saturday Morning cartoon (alongside hockey GOAT Wayne Gretzky)! While many collectors focused on piling up J’s, these cross-trainers (and their original Medicine Ball design) became instant classics.

Flash-forward to 2001, in a time right around the skateboard shoe boom, and serious heads noticed a peculiar colorway on Japanese-only Dunks (regular, not SB), clashing shades of red, blue, gold, green, and purple. This innovative use of color-blocking was eye-catching, but their exclusivity made them the envy of fanatics worldwide. The Viotech colorway was passed around through Nike’s closet for years, but 2002’s Air Trainer 3 drop brought the violet to the forefront. At a time where everyone was keeping their solid white Forces clean, these purple gems were a standout. Amidst a resurgence of retro-fever, their return is a welcome sight.
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While many Americans have been stuck at home under quarantine and professional sports put on pause, fans have entertained themselves with ​The Last Dance​, the hit documentary series that follows Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ journey to NBA Championship history. Sports fans and sneakerheads who grew up idolizing stars like Jordan, are now feeling nostalgia for the glory days of their youth, a trend that continues across fashion and footwear.
With this stunner showing up again on shelves, soon we can expect to see the Viotechs’ lively colors across social media feeds. Instagram has become the number one platform for drawing envious eyes to your killer collection, so be sure to check out our exclusive ​offer​ for free Sneaker Shields if you want to stay photo-fresh.

The violet/purple base of the Viotech AT3s is enhanced by gray slate plastic and deeper blues, while the dandelion yellow swoosh sweeps above matching upper-sole highlights. The most attractive aspect of the sneaker is the forward strap, a signature of Air Trainers as well as many more enviable models. Texturally, they are diverse and dynamic, but not too delicate. These well-cushioned kicks are designed for comfort as well as fashion, and they will feel as good on your feet as they will look on your shelf. They are a huge bargain at $130, and will be available at select retailers and Nike.com or SNKRS. Later this summer, expect to see these same slick shoes in a more traditional colorway, “Midnight Navy,” and keep all your hot footwear creaseless with Sneaker Shields.