Wearable shoe trees | Shoe Trees for Sneakers

The Wearable Shoe Tree is a shoe insert that has a twofold function to work while in your closet, or on your feet. Its patented design helps retain the toe-box of your shoes looking nice and crisp just as a brand new one and will maintain their “brand new” look for years to come with our wearable shoe tree, a Decreaser by design, the Wearable Shoe Tree was created for shoe enthusiasts and shoe collectors in mind. Air Force 1’s are sneakers purchased by both and all know how bad they crease up. The days of stuffing worthless scumbags in your shoes and buying them too small are over.

As of today the Wearable Shoe Tree has grown into a household necessity for thousands of satisfied customers around the world. The Wearable Shoe Tree allows you the comfort and ease of utilizing your investment to the fullest. For everyday use go with the shoe trees. For the artists and customizers this product works wonders. When a Wearable Shoe Tree is in your shoe it reinforces the toe-box. Giving the artist a hard canvas to work on. For this either model will comply with the job. For enthusiasts and collectors we recommend The Protector.